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At the end of the previous One Piece chapter, Luffy s fight with Katakuri is reaching the final few moves. The Straw Hats rendezvous time is inching closer, and Luffy has taken several big blows, so he had no choice but to activate his new ability. In chapter , Luffy revealed this new form, Gear Fourth .Luffy Activates Snake Man Mode in One Piece Chapter ! Yet, Commander Katakuri s rage .Katakuri comments that Luffy looks a little different in his Snakeman form, and yeah he s a bit slimmer than normal Gear And Luffy s like “Yeah, I m much faster than before!” Katakuri who can t figure out how Luffy s able to hit him despite his dodging. It s because Luffy s using his new ability to bend his arms .This is the final form of all the Gear th Forms of Luffy,. Seeing another version of Gear th is an exciting feeling for me because that s one of my first theories in One Piece and probably the first on Youtube to talk about the fact that there will be more forms of Gear th. Comparing Tankman and Snakeman, it seems that Luffy .To everyone who is disappointed in Luffy s power up not easily beating Katakuri, you must keep in mind he is facing the right hand of a Yonko. They are all similar in power level wise, he won t go down as easily. It is not that Snakeman is weak as a power up, it is that Katakuri himself is already one of the .Yeah Luffy is good at stealth when the time comes. Luffy is also a fighing genius but mostly a free style fighter. So back when he was training with Rayleigh he could have learnt a new Chinese Martial Arts Style known as Snake Boxing or Fanged Snake Style which is a type of Shaolin Boxing. This will make .However, if you don t mind being spoiled, then let s begin. One Piece chapter spoilers are out, and it looks like it is going to be one of the very best chapters of the series so far. In this I will be talking about Gear th Snakeman .

Mobile “Pirate Empress” Boa Hancock is the captain of the Kuja Pirates and the only female member of the Shichibukai. She is the current empress, known as the “Snake .Mobile The Kuja are a tribe of all female fighters found on the island of Amazon Lily. Apparently, until they found Luffy on their island, most of them had never seen a man .Upcoming One Piece Episode One Piece Episode Liar Luffy and Sanji. WOW! One Piece Manga Chapter Review Luffy’s New Form Snake Man Gear th Activates! Duration . Sawyermage , .

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