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The Asmat are an ethnic group of New Guinea, residing in the Papua province of Indonesia. The Asmat inhabit a region on the island s southwestern coast bordering the Arafura Sea, with lands totaling approximately , km , mi and consisting of mangrove, tidal swamp, freshwater swamp, and lowland rainforest..Asmat is a Papuan dialect cluster of West New Guinea. The principal dialects, distinct enough to be considered separate languages, are Casuarina Coast, also known as Kaweinag Central, also known as Jas~Yas or Manowee subdialects Simai~Simay, Misman, Ajam~Ayam North Momogo Pupis Irogo , also known as .Asmat Regency is one of the regencies kabupaten in the southern portion of Papua Province of Indonesia. It was split off from Merauke Regency on . Asmat Regency consists of an area of ,. km, and had a population of , at the Census the latest official estimate as at January .Get information, facts, and pictures about Asmat at Make research projects and school reports about Asmat easy with credible articles from our FREE, online encyclopedia and dictionary..Asmat. A word that long scared people. Asmat is a word that became a synonym for cannibals. Asmat is a tribe whose members in the time of war ate brains of their enemies mixed with sago worms from their halved skulls. A son of New York governor disappeared in the territory of the Asmat tribe. Asmat used to use human .Cannibal killing finally revealed The gruesome details of how Rockefeller heir was gutted and cooked by the Asmat tribe of New Guinea. How a tribesman howled and drove his spear into Michael Rockefeller s floating ribs as the scion swam for his life Michael s head was scalped, cut across the face from .The Asmat are a Melanesian people who live within the Indonesian province of Irian Jaya. They are widely known for the quality of their wood sculptures. They are also notorious for their traditional practices of headhunting and cannibalism. These Asmat practices have been linked to the unsolved disappearance of the .

Peta lokasi Kabupaten Asmat di Papua Koordinat Lintang Selatan, Bujur Timur Provinsi Papua Tanggal peresmian Ibu kota Agats Pemerintahan.Asmat tribe is notorious for head hunting and cannibalism. These head hunters reside in West Papua Irian Jaya .Apel Penerimaan Peserta Ekspedisi NKRI Koridor Papua Selatan Sub Korwil Kabupaten Asmat Dipimpin Oleh Bupati Asmat.Sejarah Suku Asmat Seperti telah kita ketahui bahwa Indonesia terdiri dari berbagai jenis suku dengan aneka adat istiadat yang berbeda satu sama lain.Suku suku .

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